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Posted by ymcomadmin on December 17, 2012

“I wasn’t a sneaker kid,” admits Rupert Sanderson, “but I am fascinated by trainer-nut culture. They’re speaking an entire language out there.” For spring, the designer has learned their lingo. Taking a sharp turn for the street, England’s reigning prince of the pretty, less-is-more pump will join the ranks of fashion heavyweights to present a luxury sneaker line. But he won’t be going the way of, say, Stella McCartney’s shimmering hightops or Isabel Marant’s runaway platforms. Instead, Sanderson’s kicks boast a clean, classic look that will appeal to his loyal clientele. The design goal was simple: “I wanted to make sneakers chic.” Meticulously cut, the collection runs with its designer’s tested and true minimalism while embracing the history of the fashion trainer. For instance, Sanderson has given his signature daffodil motif a streetwise update and employed gold lamé and flashes of neon for a vintage nineties feel. Considering his sneakers’ strong, simple silhouettes, soft, quilted textures, and guaranteed craftsmanship, we’d bet that trainer-nuts will soon be fascinated with Sanderson, too.

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