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Posted by ymcomadmin on December 17, 2012

A good pair of jeans is a staple of the American wardrobe. And for women, that usually means fitted, stretchy styles. However, Scott Morrison, the founder 3×1, thinks ladies should give the real stuff—that is, raw, selvedge denim—a shot. “Jeans have always been about comfort and that natural, timeless look. And there’s nothing sexier than a woman in a great-fitting pair of selvedge jeans,” says Morrison, the man previously behind Paper Denim & Cloth and Earnest Sewn.

At his Mercer Street shop-cum-factory-cum-design studio, the walls of which are lined with rolls of 115 unique selvedge fabrics, there is, as you can imagine, a lot to choose from. Having launched in 2011, 3×1 offers limited-edition styles that customers can grab off the rack (prices range from $195-$496), as well as customized jeans (running between $525 and $750) and bespoke services (starting at $1,200). Of course, there are second-skin, stretchy pairs, too. But if New York’s veritable denim guru recommends selvedge, it’s probably worth a try.

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